Training your CI Analyst

Having access to a database does not guarantee accurate information. We can train your in-house Analysts to know what to look for, how to obtain the information legitmately and how to interpret conflicting information.

Course duration ranges from half a day to two days.

These formal courses with detailed workbooks are designed for inexperienced research analysts as well as experienced Forensic professionals.
  • Introduction to CI Workshop
  • Analytical Techniques Workshop
  • Lifestyle Audit Methodologies
  • Asset Tracing Methodologies

Tailored Courses

We offer customised courses to train your in-house CI Analysts.

The syllabus is developed specifically to your requirements and can include topics such as:

  • Introduction to CI
  • The difference between data, information and intelligence
  • Individuals (Identification and associations)
  • Types and forms of business enterprises
  • Types and forms of properties
  • Risk management
  • Interpreting data
  • Relevant legistlation
  • Effective searching

In-house Advice

Wanting to set-up your own in-house CI desk?

We also advise on setting up an inhouse CI capability, data availability, which databases to subscribe to that match your exact requirements,  how to select a CI Analyst, etc.