About Us

Wingrin Consulting is a provider of Corporate and Relationship Intelligence and investigative services to the legal and forensic accounting community.

What is Corporate Intelligence?

Corporate intelligence, also be known as Business Intelligence or even Relationship Intelligence, is the collection and analysis of public and open-source information that has strategic value. Reputable corporate intelligence never seeks to invade privacy or breach confidentiality.

No matter what industry you are in, whether it is government or private sector, whether you are entering into a small partnership or merging with another company, the principle still applies. Before entering into any dealings with another, have their background checked by an independent source before committing any assets - prevention is better than cure!

Why use us?

We have over 25 years experience in the Corporate Intelligence and forensic accounting field, only utilising legal and ethical methodologies.

A boutique consultancy, our clients include major auditing and forensic firms, attorneys, advocates and private companies.

As we are independent, we do not have any audit conflicts of interest, etc.

Clients are assured of personal, professional service and advice.

Member of the Cape Chamber of commerce and Industry