Criminal Record Check Service

Let Wingrin Consulting perform a criminal record check on your candidate prior to hiring ... legally and ethically.
Why perform a criminal record check?

Did you know that that a 2010 survey in South Africa found that over 13 per cent of all applicants had a criminal record, with 25 per cent of those convictions being for theft and 33 per cent repeat offenders?

It goes without saying that companies should be conducting criminal checks on all job applicants as part of their standard pre-employment screening procedures!


Obtaining criminal records

A criminal record check on a candidate requires a full set of fingerprints to be scanned and, using AFIS (the Automated Fingerprint Identification System), sent electronically to the SAPS Criminal Record Database. Keep in mind that only records for criminal offences committed in South Africa will be retrieved.

Wingrin Consulting is an accredited user of the AFISwitch criminal fingerprint checking system.

We are able to retrieve the Criminal Record status of an individual from the South African Police Service.

Our Criminal Record service

We will do all the work for you!

All you need do is make an appointment for us to either meet the subject at your offices, another convenient venue within the Cape Town area or we arrange for the subject to have their prints taken at one of our agents countrywide. The scan itself will take no longer than ten minutes, no mess, no fuss.

On completion of a fingerprint search, we will be able to advise you if there is a ‘Possible hit’ or ‘No-hit’ result within 24-48 hours. In the case of a “Possible hit” report, SAPS will further process the search and supply the details regarding the record. Receipt of this detail may take between four and eight weeks.